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Implementation of the Keor HPE for a Kenyan label manufacturer

In collaboration with our client "Power Controls Ltd," we have successfully deployed the Keor HPE UPS in Nairobi, Kenya, catering to a label manufacturer who prefers to maintain anonymity.

label manufacturer

Project Overview

The label manufacturer's needs:

Through our distributor "Power Controls Ltd", Keor HPE UPS was brought to fruition in one of the biggest label factories in Nairobi, Kenya. Keor HPE was the ideal choice for this large power critical application. The customer particularly sought after continuity of service, high quality power supply and reduced consumption.

label manufacturer

Keor HPE

Keor HPE UPS are high efficiency Online Double Conversion UPSs with latest generation 3-level IGBT technology. They supply a rated power of 60-80-100125-160-200-300-400-500-600 kVA and can be connected in parallel and have N + X redundancy up to a maximum of 6 units:

  • Refined design 
  • Smart display
  • High efficiency and low TCO
  • Power factor 
  • Greater power density
  • Front internal access
  • Optimal battery management


A Kenyan label manufacturer

An industrial project by Legrand

The Keor HPE ensures uninterrupted, high-quality energy supply to industrial applications thanks to its superior efficiency and reliability.

Nischal Gajjar​
Our customer – Power Controls Ltd

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