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What does Legrand do to ensure quality at all levels? | Legrand Kenya

What does Legrand do to ensure quality at all levels?

Since 1904, Legrand has gradually become a global specialist and world leader in electrical and digital building infrastructures. With its longstanding expertise and recognized know-how, Legrand is more than ever committed to ensuring quality at all levels so as to improve comfort and enhance safety everywhere!



Every day, Legrand uncovers new products that are counterfeits of its products. They are very often dangerous and present risks for property and even people when used. In order to ensure that its products are traced and to guarantee its production quality, Legrand has designed a free tool for checking product

authenticity, based on unique registration numbers: Copytracer.

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As a responsible player, Legrand is intent on protecting the health and safety of electrical equipment users. That is why it takes great care to market quality products. Legrand products are subjected to independent tests which attest to their compliance with particularly demanding requirements in terms of quality and safety.


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Legrand is committed to developing ever more efficient, safe and robust wiring device ranges:

- silver alloy contacts ensuring high conductivity and no premature wear of the contacts.

- self-extinguishing (850°C/30 sec) plastic parts holding live parts in place.

- socket outlets equipped with safety shutter system.

- 16 A switches compatible with all LED loads, with no risk of contacts welding together.

- LED lights, ensuring energy savings and energy efficiency, with little need for maintenance (long life).


The Group works with suppliers and subcontractors who meet the same standards of social and environmental responsibility that it imposes on itself: use of non-hazardous materials (RoHS Directive), willingness to use recycled materials, traceability of products to prevent counterfeiting, etc.






Legrand is reasserting its historical commitment to tackling climate change by undertaking to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions directly related to its energy consumption by 30% before 2030 (compared to 2016) and by 75% before 2050. As concerns its indirect emissions, Legrand intends to encourage its raw material suppliers and transportation services to measure their greenhouse gas emissions and to adopt reduction targets.


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Legrand keeps a lookout for the best available manufacturing techniques and makes an effort to promote energy-saving processes.



81% of Legrand’s global sites are ISO 9001 certified, thus demonstrating a commitment to providing products that meet customer requirements and continually improving management systems and processes.

Legrand also prioritizes the use of materials and processes that respect both people and the environment: 91% of Legrand’s global sites are ISO 14001 certified.


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Legrand’s global sites, manufacturing plants and logistics facilities are either ISO 9001, ISO 9004, ISO 14001 or ISO 50001 certified.