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EMDX³ energy meters | Legrand Kenya

EMDX³ energy meters

Living conditions and comfort can be improved by developing solutions that optimise energy efficiency. Given that buildings account for 40% of electricity consumption and 20% of CO2 emissions, cutting energy consumption in buildings is a major issue in the fight against climate change. The aim is for every user to reduce their bill, as well as their energy footprint and metering is the first step in making lasting savings and the basis of any diagnostics.

Data center

Accurate energy metering

The last word in measurement tools, EMDX³ energy meters are able to display:
- Electricity consumption (in kWh),
- Other values (depending on the catalogue number): current, active energy, reactive energy, power, etc.

The Legrand offer comprises single-phase and three-phase meters, either standard version or MID certified (ensures the accuracy of metering with a view to charging out the electricity used), with direct connection (up to 125 A) or with CT, pulse output or RS 485.

They conform to standards IEC 62052-11, IEC 62053-21/23 and IEC 61010-1.


Racks and cooling

Continuous consumption monitoring

Meters with an RS 485 output equipped with an RS 485/IP converter can be used to display consumption on:
  - A PC using dedicated software (licence key required)
  - One or more PCs, tablets or smartphones via the Legrand energy web server


International E-catalog

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