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Legrand Services | Legrand Kenya

Legrand, a strategic partner for your service requirements

Legrand is not only a supplier of electrical equipment for professionals. It also positions itself as a true working partner to be closer and closer to its customers, and to provide answers and solutions for electrical and digital installations.

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Why Legrand?

Legrand is a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, offering high value-added products and solutions for commercial, residential and industrial spaces. Every day, Legrand works hard to transform the spaces where people live and work.

  • 180 countries (all continents)
  • 39.000 employees
  • Turnover of 6 billion euros
  • Nearly 215.000 product references

With more than 100 years of experience in electrical and digital solutions, Legrand has a global reputation and support earned over this time. 
We offer long-term solutions by applying a spare parts policy and maintaining our industrial resources to provide reliable and durable equipment.

Sectors of application of Legrand services

Service legrand

Safety and confidence in the hands of experts

Legrand has a highly qualified professional team with extensive knowledge not only of the equipment (which we manufacture and market) and the technologies used, but also of the integration of the equipment in its global environment.

The services offered by Legrand enable you to:

  • Optimize the performance of equipment and the service life of installations.
  • Anticipate risks
  • Avoid impacts on productivity times
  • Have immediate support for any incident
service legrand

Quality of our services

  • Installation site inspection, monitoring and execution.
  • Fast and specialized service.
  • Provide longer equipment life.
  • Ensure greater efficiency and productivity of your system.
service legrand

Highly Qualified Technical Team

  • Engineers and technicians specialized and trained in all UPS Legrand Mundo divisions (Brazil, Turkey, Italy, India and France).
  • Team always ready to help them efficiently and quickly guaranteed by SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Legrand services are available to cover the different stages of your project

During research/planning, during project execution and after start-up. In addition, expert advice for projecting future improvements.



We have different professional training courses on topics related to power distribution, intercommunication systems, automation, etc.

Technical assistance

Technical Support

We can accompany you in the initial phases of your project with the advice of our qualified staff. Legrand will be your strategic partner.


Software & technical documentation

Exclusive Legrand software for different applications (calculations, projections, management, etc.) and technical documentation that we make available to you to optimize processes and get ahead with new applications in your installations.



Preventive and corrective maintenance. Anticipate improvements in your installation and durability with preventive maintenance, reduce unforeseen events (emergencies) with a scheduled maintenance service.

Emergency Attention

Emergency Attention

We are prepared to respond immediately to any requirement you may have to deal with an unexpected situation that may affect the operation of the company.


Customer service

Legrand's customer service can answer general and technical questions that may be outside the day-to-day operation of the installation. Do not hesitate to ask your questions.

Legrand Services
Legrand Services

Let us be your reliable service provider

If you would like to be contacted by our service advisors, please complete the following form

Partners & suppliers

Partners & suppliers legrand


Company acquired by Legrand to offer its customers the best preventive and corrective maintenance in UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) solutions.

CSB Battery


CSB Battery products are utilized in over 100 countries for telecommunications, UPS, Solar, Wind Power, emergency lighting, security and many other additional applications.

enersys battery


German-based manufacturer of various brands of lithium-ion batteries. One of the suppliers of batteries for Legrand UPS.


Services that improve lives

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