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Drivia™ cabinets | Legrand Kenya

Drivia™ cabinets

the new electrical panel for the residential and small business applications To meet the requirements of professionals, Legrand has developed a new range of surface mounting cabinets specially designed for residential sites. Available in 18 or 13-module widths with 1, 2, 3 or 4 rows, these cabinets have an array of innovative features which simplify wiring and installation, providing high performance on sites

Data center

Innovation at your service

To meet the expectations of professional users, Legrand has created a range of cabinets (surface-mounting) which are specially designed for residential and small commercial sites.

Available with 1, 2, 3 or 4 rows, 18 or 13 modules wide, these cabinets benefit from an array of innovative features which simplify wiring and installation and ensure good performance on sites.


Racks and cooling

Optimum ease of wiring

Thanks to Legrand innovations, Drivia assists and simplifies each action when installing the distribution board, guaranteeing time saving.

All the component parts of the cabinet have ingenious features which optimise wiring and product mounting: reversible chassis, terminal blocks and rails which can be removed without tools, rails which can be inclined downwards for easy installation of the combs, etc.


Easy to install

With its stylish, ergonomic design, Drivia offers the guarantee of successful installation: faceplate with cut-outs to accommodate different trunking sizes, guided wall mounting (for cabinets with 18 modules per row), circuit marking made easier by the transparent marker-holder, etc.

Drivia solutions thus ensure perfect assembly and mounting, easier incoming cables and simple marking!


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