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CX³ energy management system (EMS) | Legrand Kenya

CX³ energy management system (EMS)

The Legrand ENERGY MANAGEMENT system was created to supervise and manage energy consumption within the building, guaranteeing reliability and continuity of service for maximum efficiency

Data center

Universal, innovative system

The purpose of Legrand’s CX³ EMS is to supervise and manage a building's energy consumption, ensuring reliability and continuity of service, for optimum installation efficiency.

Because it offers the option of viewing, measuring and controlling an installation remotely and/or locally, CX³ EMS can be used to monitor all activity, use energy precisely, and improve installation operation by anticipating any potential faults.


Racks and cooling

A complete, compact system

CX³ EMS has compact dimensions in order to optimise space in the distribution board plus all the functions needed for complete supervision of the installation: metering, status feedback (ON/OFF/fault), control, pulse metering, serial communication, display.
The CX³ EMS system does not require a minimum number of modules. Thanks to its scalability, new functions can be added at any time to suit the needs of the installation.


Simplicity & adaptability

With only 14 types of function module, you can supervise all types of installation, whether new or existing.

CX³ EMS modules are optimised for installation on a DIN rail in conjunction with DX³ MCBs, but they can also manage MCCBs or ACBs, such as DPX³ and DMX³.


Local or remote management

There are two possible options for configuring the CX³ EMS and viewing the information it provides:

  • Locally, in the distribution board, thanks to a mini-configurator
  • Remotely via a computer, tablet or smartphone, thanks to Legrand’s Energy Web Server


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