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Energy distribution | Legrand Kenya

Legrand is a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures

Legrand seeks to ensure effective energy protection and effective continuity of service, with simple, innovative, intuitive and ergonomic solutions with a user-centric focus.

power distribution

An integrated system

Legrand has a global offer that allows to have solutions for different needs. To transform and secure, distribute and dispatch, protect and isolate, measure and control as well as power and charge. 

Legrand products for each solution

Modular products

Modular solutions

Legrand's offer of modular products is quite wide to control and command.. Discover DX3, TX3, RX3, CX3 and more. 


Power solutions

Legrand offers effective solutions against electrical faults at any point of the installation. Discover DMX3, DPX3, transformers and more.


Enclosure solutions

Legrand offers ultra-reliable connections with numerous competitive advantages. Discover all its lines such as XL3, Drivia, Practibox S, Viking, P17 and more.

Smart Energies solutions

Smart Energies solutions

Legrand's connected options are wide and for different spaces. Whether to measure or control, Legrand has everything you need.

Overhead solutions

Overhead solutions

Legrand with Cablofil brand or P31 products offers cable trays, wire mesh, ladders and more. 

UPS solutions

UPS solutions

Legrand UPS range from single-phase to 3-phase, conventional or modular. Find out more about Keor SP, Trimod, Keor Mod and more. 

Legrand solutions for different spaces


Residential solutions

Legrand has products for your different needs. Solutions for optimized cabling, control, monitoring and protection of power distribution, photovoltaic solutions, electric vehicle charging, smart home solutions and much more.


Commercial solutions

For the commercial sector, Legrand's offer covers dry or resin transformers, distribution board solutions, optimized distribution systems, power factor correction cabinets, modular or convetional UPS, Busbar systems, among others.


Industrial solutions

Legrand products that may be required in the industry are for example industrial switchboards and connectors, transformers, wiring and signaling accessories, industrial infrastructure solutions such as cable trays, among others. 


Legrand energy distribution

at the heart of the food and beverage industry

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Consult the technical characteristics of our products. Search by product code, name and category. (consult with your commercial advisor for stock availability).




Discover the documentation of all Legrand products that best suit your residential, commercial, industrial and other projects.

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Integrated systems in energy distribution

Ensure the distribution of energy efficiently and in total safety with Legrand. On this page you will find easy-to-deploy solutions and products with cutting-edge technology.

Our energy distribution systems guarantee continuity of service and efficient power protection. Legrand products seek to create an optimal system of solutions, complying with international standards and guaranteeing the safety of those who install and maintain the products as well as the safety of the users. With constant innovation, not only design is improved, but also technology, which allows us to reduce expenses, be sustainable and respectful of the environment.

We offer numerous solutions for all kinds of projects so that energy distribution is optimal at all times.