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Legrand Kenya Arteor Netatmo

How to create a connected installation using Arteor with Netatmo

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Find out how to create a connected installation using Legrand's Arteor with Netatmo solution. Arteor with Netatmo combines innovative Netatmo smart home technology with Legrand‘s elegant and modular wiring accessories. Enhancing individual comfort and security in the connected home, it is quick and easy to install and will adapt to changing habits and needs over time.

Legrand Kenya Form Bends

How to form riser bends with Cablofil steel wire cable tray

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Here's how to form riser bends using Cablofil steel wire cable tray.

Legrand Kenya Tutorial Cable Tray

How to fit Legrand's Swiftclip from the Swifts cable tray range

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Traditionally, cable trays are assembled using a number of components including, nuts and bolts, screwdrivers and spanners, with initial timings suggesting this process of connecting one tray to another can take as long as three minutes to complete. Swiftclip however, with just two clips per joint, takes less than 30 seconds to install. In addition, Swiftclip requires no tools during installation which not only saves on the number of components needed, but saves time, meaning a reduced total installed cost. Swiftclip is compatible with the existing Swifts medium (MRF) and heavy duty (SRF) cable tray systems in 50 to 300mm widths, is load tested to BS EN 61537 and provides earth continuity without the need for additional components. In addition, the innovative cable management component is available for internal pre-galvanised and external post galvanised applications.

Legrand Kenya LCS3

LCS3 | How to install RJ45 connectors

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  Learn how to install our RJ45 connectors with a toolless easy locking system. With both fibre optic and copper solutions, the new LCS3 structured cabling system is a high-performance and future-proof solution to provide networks with greater reliability, scalability and efficiency.

Legrand Kenya Practibox S

PRACTIBOX S - A well-designed range of cabinets

General product information
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Well-designed, because it fits in installation practices throughout the world, allowing everyone to appreciate the ease of installation and wiring of its cabinets, while offering maximum user convenience with a wide choice of sizes. Also well-designed in that its cabinets are not afraid to be on show due to their attractive appearance designed for the residential sector, both houses and flats, and for small office buildings. This ingenious range has numerous features which will seduce you.