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Electrical energy metering | Legrand Kenya

Electrical energy metering

Measurement, diagnostics and monitoring: 3 actions to apply to your energy consumption that will help you make real savings.


Solutions for measuring and supervision

Legrand offers various solutions for MEASURING and SUPERVISING electrical systems that can adapt to all needs and offer total control and manageability. The versatility of Legrand solutions ensures they will interface with other ENERGY MANAGEMENT systems.

An ideal energy efficiency solution for commercial and industrial spaces.

EMDX³ energy meters

EMDX³ energy meters

The last word in measurement tools, EMDX³ energy meters are able to display:

  • Electricity consumption (in kWh),
  • Other values (depending on the catalogue number): current, active energy, reactive energy, power, etc.

The Legrand offer comprises single-phase and three-phase meters, either standard version or MID certified (ensures the accuracy of metering with a view to charging out the electricity used), with direct connection (up to 125 A) or with CT, pulse output or RS 485.

They conform to standards IEC 62052-11, IEC 62053-21/23 and IEC 61010-1.

EMDX³ multi-function measuring units

EMDX³ multi-function measuring units

The guarantee of accurate, regular measurement, combined with corrective actions, for optimum control of energy consumption and quality.

These units can be used to measure numerous types of data such as current, voltage, active, reactive and apparent power, or even the internal temperature.

For metering that meets your requirements as closely as possible, 3 systems are available: DIN rail mounting modular system, door mounting Access and Premium systems.

CX³ energy management system (EMS)

CX³ energy management system (EMS)

The purpose of the CX³ energy management system (EMS) is to supervise and manage a building's energy consumption, ensuring reliability and continuity of service, for optimum installation efficiency. 

CX³ EMS can be used to monitor all activity, use energy precisely, and improve installation operation by anticipating any potential faults.


Energy Management System EMS CX³

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EMDX³ metering devices

Legrand’s EMDX³ metering devices provide the solution needed for optimising energy management and consumption in commercial and

energy efficiency legrand solutions

Energy Efficiency

Let's be part of the change together. We can build energy-efficient projects and reduce the impact on the environment. By choosing Legrand solutions, you are promoting the responsible use of energy.