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Practibox³ flush‑mounting distribution cabinets | Legrand Kenya

Practibox³ flush‑mounting distribution cabinets

Pure design & easy to use cabinets These new, ready-to-use flush-mounting distribution cabinets have a uncluttered design and a top quality finish. But over and above its attractive appearance, its special ergonomic design gives both users and installers maximum ease of use.

Data center

Elegance and functionality

Ready to use, Practibox³ flush-mounting distribution cabinets for the residential and small commercial sectors have a meticulous design and a neat finish. But in addition to their attractive appearance, it is their carefully designed ergonomics which offers both installers and users maximum ease of use.

Available in several cabinet sizes from 1 to 4 rows, with capacity of 8/12 modules or 18 modules per row, the cabinets are supplied with a white or smoked transparent door and with screw connection earth and neutral terminal blocks (depending on the version).

Practibox³ also has a comprehensive range of accessories.


Racks and cooling

A slim door

Extra-slim and smooth, with a white or smoked transparent finish, Practibox³ cabinet doors blend seamlessly into existing interiors.
This door also has:

  • 180° opening
  • Integrated handle, discreet and flush-fitting, with a slot for a key
  • Integrated hinges for fixing the door on the required side according to Legrand’s patented system (from 2 rows upwards)
  • Easy closing thanks to magnets fixed on the inside (from 2 rows upwards)

Strength and easier positioning

Chassis, faceplates, rigid, functional flush-mounting box… everything has been designed to make installation on sites as easy as possible, whatever the type of support and configuration, in compliance with current standards.

The cabinets guarantee fire resistance up to 850° and conform to standards IEC 60670-24,
IEC 62208V and IEC 61439-3.


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