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Databalance becomes the first Dutch IT Solution provider to use Keor MOD

"Being the first user is a bit challenging, but it is also a great opportunity to innovate together. We minimize any risk with careful analysis and preparation. It helps if your partner aims for the same quality as you. If something goes wrong - and it never has - you solve the problem together. This is also the approach we take with our customers. We were so enthusiastic that we replaced our existing inverters with Keor MOD products earlier than expected."


Databalance project

2021 in Nieuwkuijk, Netherlands

The rapid pace of technological advancement is creating more dynamism in the IT world; and that brings opportunities but also more complexity and potential risks. Security, privacy and compliance are basic requirements that must be 100% watertight. We are an IT partner who our customers can brainstorm with and who enjoys getting actively involved with a view to the long term.


The solution

Databalance likes to see high quality standards and a cultural fit with not only its customers but also its suppliers, and Legrand offered just what the company was looking for. Bart: « We’d seen Mindels cabinets at a co-located data center. They looked really good, were finished amazingly neatly and were optimally airtight. We soon started talking to them and recognized a shared desire for perfection. »

databalance keor mod


“The  Legrand  Group  suggested  the  Keor  MOD  UPS,  which  met  all  our  requirements.  We  were  pleasantly  surprised!  Minkels  built  the  corridors and did the necessary customization for the installation of the  UPSs,  and  Legrand  did  the  actual  installation  work.  We’re  the  first company in the Netherlands to be using them.”

Keor MOD is a three-phase uninterruptible power supply on line double conversion with PWM High-Frequency technology, modular architecture with the possibility to have N+X redundancy.

Thanks to the UPSs, the whole data center is a lot more efficient and it also looks great! It’s a data center to be proud of, and our customers are welcome to come and take a look.
Nordi Malih & Bart Blom
Databalance's CEO & Technical Expert
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